Dan Beaver Newsletter Ceasing Operations

First: Thanks to all of you for subscribing for the past two years; you are the reason I have been doing this as long as I have.

Unfortunately, the newsletter and other Fantasy NASCAR projects failed to pay the bills and I took a fulltime job a few months ago. I have been trying to juggle all of these responsibilities, but am not going to be able to continue. New Hampshire was the last newsletter of the season. Since everyone has subscribed at different parts of the season, refunds will be processed for the unused portion of the subscription. We will start doing this as soon as possible, but please note I am on a business trip until about the 24th – with very spotty internet access, which is why you are receiving this newsletter text-only.

Again: Thank you all for your support; you have been absolutely great.


One thought on “Dan Beaver Newsletter Ceasing Operations

  1. Dan,
    I appreciated the newsletter and used it to help select my drivers for the weekly races. Can you recommend any other sites other than NASCAR that would give a perspective such as what you have been doing??
    Thanks, it has been a pleasure, hope you will continue with your twitter league???
    Richard Joseph (“FASTER THAN MOST”)

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