“Dan Beaver has been handicapping Fantasy NASCAR for more than a dozen years.”

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    • Dennis: I see that you have subscribed – thank you very much – and you shld have a copy of the Las Vegas preview in your email box by now and we shld have the login module done very soon. At that point in time, you can download directly from the site. If you missed the Atlanta preview and want us to send a copy, send a note to dan (at) danbeaver.com and we will shoot that to you.

      • What about Race Notes ? Receiving some last minute tips or changes after qualifying was very valuable. Are you planning to do something like that?

        • Dennis:

          That is still on the table and I may be able to add them later in the year if we achieve enough subscriptions.

          -Dan B

    • Your commentary was always free on yahoo racing. Sucks that we gotta pay now. No more Yahoo racing for the two leagues i’m in after this year. 40+ people.

      • I was also very disappointed that Yahoo! decided to drop their content and did not renew my contract. These previews take a long time to do, however, and this is what I do for a living. I will continue to look for advertisers to bring down the cost of these previews, and maybe with enough support they can be free again. Until then, I wish you the best of luck with your fantasy racing this year.

        -Dan B

    • Dan’
      I have depended on your insight every race for the past 7 or 8 years. I am having a problem acessing the race info for this weeks race. Time is running short so I guess I will use my best judgement !

      • Hi Richard,
        I’m sorry that the site was pushing you out, I’ve looked into it and I believe that it should be fixed if you sign in again. I will also send you an email with the preview attached just in case. Thank you for your patience


    • We are currently working on the login module and it shld be done soon. For the moment, we are emailing the previews to subscribers and you shld have the ability to login and download directly from the site.

    • Unfortunately Yahoo! decided not to do their free previews this year, which left a financial hole to fill. Good luck in your fantasy leagues this year. (If these were still free: I would actually starve – or worse yet, have to get a real job.) [shudders]

  1. Been reading Dan’s previews for the past dozen years. Always enjoy the stats and comments. Keep it up Dan!

    • Thanks Mark: These previews have been fun to do, but they are a lot of work. It’s great to see the support rolling in. -Dan B

    • We are currently working on getting the login module working and then you will be able to download the copies directly from the schedules page. For now, we are emailing the copies and I believe yours shld already be in your email box.

  2. Yahoo! decided not to renew my contract during the offseason, and it took a while to decide whether I wanted to do these on my own. So… we got kind of a late start, and I’m not a Techie. We are learning as we go (my core competency is in content creation). We are adding the login module currently and you shld be able to download directly from the site soon. At the moment, we are sending them via email when a reader subscribes. Hope this answers your question: Dan Beaver.

  3. u mean the previews r not free anymore? well crap….I always got so much info from them,,,,guess I will have to find a new source, or muddle along on my own,,,thx, and happy racing,,,

    • Eve:

      Unfortunately, Yahoo! decided to drop their Fantasy NASCAR content this year, which left me with a financial hole to fill. We will keep searching for advertisers to get the price as low as possible, and I wish you the best of luck with your leagues this year.

      -Dan B

  4. Dan ,
    I payed for the preview I can tell it takes quite a bit of time to put this report together and I for one think it is worth every penny.
    I would imagine it takes more then a few hours a week to put together and think that 19$ is a small price to pay .
    No Regrets

    • Thank you very much. As the year progresses, I hope to make some changes to the preview to make it even better. (Include other games, different graphs, etc.) And it does take a bit of time, but I think I can get to the break-even point fairly soon. Thanks for the support, and tell your friends.
      -Dan B

  5. Dan I completely understand the position you’ve been put in. Nothing is free forever, especially in-depth inside info like you provide. I get paid for my time worked, why shouldn’t you. Hanging around the top of a Fantasy league isn’t by pure luck week in / week out. Thank you for compiling all that useful info, saving me hours of research every week.

    • Thank you. I will continue to look for advertisers in order to make this as inexpensive as possible. Meanwhile, tell your friends because at some point, volume will allow me to lower the price. (We’ve got a ways to go before that happens, tho.)
      -Dan B

  6. Hi Colleen,
    You should have just received an email from me with your username and password. Your account is set up and waiting for you to sign in. Happy Racing!


  7. LOVE this preview and think its worth every penny of a $20 bill for 36 weeks of reading pleasure. I got my log in to work this week so everything seems to be smoothing out! Thanks for all you do Dan and Victoria!

    • Jeffrey:

      We seek to entertain and inform, so it’s great to hear this. Keep reading and we are going to only make this better. (And Victoria is a peach.)

      -Dan B

  8. Dan,
    I completely understand the position you are in,and what you are trying to accomplish. I have always read your weekly preview and it has been a great help as far as selecting drivers go. Thank you for the insightful info,I hope the issues with your new site are smoothed out soon with the least amount of stress !! Keep up the good work !!

    • Thanks Richard:

      By the end of this we’ll be coding with just our middle fingers like all good programmers. Thanks for sticking with us through our tech issues and we will keep working to get the site as smooth as my writing. (Sorry, feeling egotistical tonight.)


    • Dennis:

      I did not have you on my list to manually send the previews for Martinsville, but you have now been added and I have just sent it.


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