Bank of America 500

The Bank of America 500 and next week’s Hollywood Casino 400 will be the eye of the coming storm for several drivers. Two of them are likely to win in the coming weeks, so they can head to Talladega SuperSpeedway without worrying about the seemingly inevitable Big One crash.

CHARLOTTE, NC - MAY 29: Martin Truex Jr., driver of the #78 Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Toyota, takes the checkered flag during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway on May 29, 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)

(Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)


Of the eight drivers who will advance into round three, six of them will qualify on points. Anything can happen on the restrictor-plate, superspeedway. Drivers can only do the next best thing and that is run as well as possible on courses where skill instead of luck dictates the finish. Earning enough points at Charlotte Motor Speedway and Kansas Speedway means that some of the pressure is off at Talladega. A 15- or 20-point cushion is not enough if eight or more Chasers survive the carnage, but it could be the difference between advancing or falling out of the playoffs if the number is anywhere south of the cutline.

Of course it does not always work out that way. Last year, Denny Hamlin finished fourth at Charlotte and second at Kansas, but he could not survive ‘Dega and was eliminated. Meanwhile, Kevin Harvick’s second-place finish at Charlotte an 16th at Kansas gave him just enough cushion that a 15th at Talladega was enough to advance to the next level. One must get all they can while they can.


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Adventures in Dementia

A long day is coming.

Many of you who follow me on Twitter (@FantasyRace) know that I have been struggling with some issues for the past couple of years—not the least of which is my 87-year-old father’s dementia. Last night was a bad one with severe confusion and at least a half dozen wakeups during the night. At a certain point, you stop counting.

Today is deadline day for the newsletter—and it will get completed—but I wanted to give you a head’s up that once again it will be toward the end of the day. Expect a typo or two as well. There ain’t enough coffee in the world to keep me 100% mentally sharp this morning/afternoon/evening. And I roast my own coffee, so it’s not in short supply.

(I am also on the NBC Motorsports’ desk this afternoon, which will eat up a chunk of hours.)

(We lost a day to rain, so Monday became SunMonday and those two days should never be combined.)

If you have someone in your life with dementia, give them a big hug because they are in their somewhere no matter how advanced the symptoms.

If you know a dementia caregiver, buy them a cup of coffee (or send me a note and buy a pound of Zanzenberg Coffee; I have a Bourbon-infused Guatemalan Huehuetenango that is killer).

Thanks for your support. I wouldn’t be doing this without you and I am ever mindful of how lucky I am to have a job that allows me some flexibility.

Remainder of the Season Pricing

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