Kobalt 400

This has been a challenging week.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter, @FantasyRace know why the Las Vegas Motor Speedway preview did not get uploaded until Thursday morning, but we are well on our way to getting these to you my Wednesday mornings.

Las Vegas has always been a tricky track to handicap. With progressive banking, it is unique to the other similarly-configured, 1.5-mile tracks, but there is enough data from the other so-called “cookie-cutter” tracks to make some informed guesses.

We are also incredibly close to getting the login module completed so you can download these at your leisure (it may even be done this afternoon). When that is in place, we will generate an email telling you the preview is live with a link to the download. For now, complete the subscription process and we will email it to you.


$19.95 gets you a full year; or buy this week’s issue for $1.16.


4 thoughts on “Kobalt 400

  1. Good afternoon Mr. Beaver, please do not send anything to this website. it is may churches, and fantasy nascar is done outside of work and don’t want anything sent to our churches website, thanks.

    • Make sure to send us the email address you wish for us to communicate through. Victoria will be happy to take care of getting the proper information in out database.

    • Hi Lawrence,
      The March 13th issue will be available in just a few hours. If you purchased a one-time preview it will be emailed to you at that time, if you are a subscriber it will be available on the Schedules and Previews page.

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