Good Sam 500k

Phoenix is the first short, flat track of the season and fantasy owners will have a lot of information following the Good Sam 500k. Once this event is in the books, NASCAR will have visited two similarly-configured, 1.5-mile courses and a short, flat track. These two course types not only dominate the season as a whole, they are key to winning the championship.

For now, players have the 2015 stats to guide them and there are several solid picks. In the Yahoo! game, most of the potential winners come from Group A. In the NASCAR Fantasy Live game, they are the most expensive drivers in the game, so it will take some finagling to get the roster right.

We should have registration and login capability now, so subscribers can navigate to the previews page and download any of the previous previews. If you have any problems, email us at Victoria (at) or dan (at) and we will send you the preview via email. (Remember, we are content specialists and are learning the Techie stuff as we go along.


12 thoughts on “Good Sam 500k

  1. I am a Yahoo Fantasy member and have been for 10 years. I have enjoyed your insights for their depth and breadth. I am resentful that I must now pay $20 for that same information Yahoo has provided for free. It was a perk of being on Yahoo. You can ask, but I will not pay. Please reconsider.

    • Unfortunately, Yahoo! decided to drop their Fantasy NASCAR coverage and did not renew my contract. They link to the site in order to keep me as their “expert,” but this is completely on my own, and since it is how I make my living I have to charge. I am actively pursuing advertisers and hope to get the cost as low as possible. I wish you the best of luck with your NASCAR rosters this year, and you can still follow me on Twitter @FantasyRace for some fantasy commentary.
      -Dan B

  2. You can go hang. You gave us your views and opinions for a decade as a party off the yahoo deal and now you want to charge for it. I don’t care if yahoo changed its coverage. Linking to you and you charging sucks. For the last 5 years I’ve outscored you and the other “experts” when they were picking too.

    It would have been smarter to offer a “partial preview” for free and a more “in depth preview” for the charge, rather than just go full charge after YEARS of not charging as associated with a free-to-play game.

    • I was also disappointed that Yahoo! decided to no longer provide free-to-the-use content for the fantasy racing game. That left me with a big financial hole to fill and I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read my editorial over the years and those who can subscribe in 2016. As we move forward, I am looking for advertisers and supporters to pay part of the bill so I can make this less expensive. For now, however, this is a project of mine alone.

      Good luck with your fantasy team in 2016.

      -Dan B

    • The disappeared last year… I’m not sure what happened to the Jays. As we get a little more traction, I hope to engage some of my colleagues to provide some additional insight. Two or three heads are always better than one.

      -Dan B

  3. Hey Dan cut The B.S. and put a log in button on the home page, and increase the band width. I think you can afford it . Maybe talk to the folks at Go Daddy . and lets get down the nuts and bolts of why we are here instead of struggling to gain access to the previews .
    Please fix the problems with your site so I don’t have to ask for my dough back I would rather read the previews then spend a lot of time trying to find them and then getting log in . The only site that has password access that doesn’t have a log in button on the home page. Please fix it. Love your insight of the sport. Make the sight match your knowledge of NASCAR

    • Thanks – We’re learning as we go… We are content providers and struggling with the Tech stuff. If you need a refund, let me know. (And we are not a high budget operation here; we are bootstrapping this like one-legged cowboys.) And remember, we were emailing this sucker a couple of weeks ago. We’re getting up to speed as fast as our little legs will let us.

    • Derek:

      Thank you; we put a lot of work into it and hope to make it as useful as possible. Keep reading; we’re just getting started.

      -Dan B

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