Auto Club 400

Auto Club Speedway is a two-mile track that once hosted two events per year. Lagging attendance scaled them back to one race, but there is still plenty of data to consider with Michigan International Speedway. Those two tracks are among the closest comparatives in any given season.

This week, we welcome a new contributor. Skirts & Scuffs’ Carol D’Agostino provides some fast facts for you on page 13.

As always, there are plenty of charts to help make your selections in every Fantasy NASCAR game, so if you haven’t yet subscribed, now is the time to do so. Enjoy and let us know how we can make the preview better.


10 thoughts on “Auto Club 400

  1. Once this season is over, no more Yahoo Fantasy NASCAR for me. $19.95 to subscribe to this Blog? That’s pure insanity and greed. Everything always comes down to the good ol’ dollar doesn’t it?

    • I was also disappointed that Yahoo! decided to no longer provide free-to-the-use content for the fantasy racing game. That left me with a big financial hole to fill and I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read my editorial over the years and those who can subscribe in 2016. As we move forward, I am looking for advertisers and supporters to pay part of the bill so I can make this less expensive. For now, however, this is a project of mine alone.

      Good luck with your fantasy team in 2016.

      -Dan B

      • Good luck with your leagues in 2016. Check back from time to time in the event I can find someone to foot the bill for most of the newsletter. These are difficult times for content providers.

        -Dan B

  2. Dan,

    I see you are catching crap for having to charge for this but I understand and appreciate the effort. Obviously some people can’t read where you have explained over and over again that Yahoo dropped you, not the other way around. Anyway, I got the one week preview for this week and will be a subscriber for the full season. Give it a chance people, it has more weekly info than before so it’s worth it to me. Keep up the good work man…

    • Bryan:

      Thank you for the support. And folks: for the record, last week’s preview was about 5,000 words (not including graphs and charts) and 15 pages. It takes about a full day to research/write and half a day to lay out. If anyone knows of an advertiser who can help offset the cost – I would love to bring the price down.

      -Dan B

  3. In an age where we are bombarded with news at zero cost and so much news that we don’t want it, I can’t see paying for it.
    Yahoo apparently doesn’t have enough money yet so they cut Dan. Why did they leave the link in. Are they taking a cut if Dan gets a subscriber?

    Don’t give people free stuff then try to charge them for it later! Sounds like a college educated business plan. Failed!!!

    • Keep checking back from time to time… If I can find a sponsor or enough advertising, I’d love to lower the cost.

      Good luck with your 2016 leagues.

      -Dan B

    • I’ve asked that question for years… But I was never the project manager at Yahoo! and still don’t have their ear in regard to things like that.

      -Dan B

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